About us

Our two companies: “MENTAL CONSULTING SA” and “G. CHRISTOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES IKE”, have operated as a group of business consultants (mental GRoup) since 1995, having as their main focus the provision of integrated Accounting, Tax-Consulting and Advisory services to a wide spectrum of companies and organizations.

mental Group specializes in:

  • The establishment, organization, relocation, merging or transformation of Business entities

  • Accounting department organization, operation, supervision & monitoring

  • Labor & Insurance issues

  • Business Planning, Management and Administration

  • Marketing and Quality Control

  • Securing funding for new investments (Development Laws and subsidized EU projects)

In addition, with specialized Tax and Legal services, mental GRoup supports:

  • Greek Tax Residents based abroad

  • Foreign Tax Residents with tax obligations in Greece

  • Natural & Legal persons under Audit by the Greek Tax Authorities

  • Shipping Companies (domestic and foreign)

Moreover, mental GRoup offers training to Accountants and Tax Advisors through the organization of seminars and the publication of articles, books, practical guides and manuals on topics related to the above.

Always aiming to best meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients, we operate with three cooperating but distinct service departments (Accounting, Tax-Consulting and Advisory), in a way which allows our experienced partners to be systematically active in their field of specialization / expertise, while at the same time having the option to closely collaborate with their colleagues from other departments / specialties, whenever this is required.

With the above synergy scheme we offer integrated services, personalized advice and comprehensive solutions, always aiming to achieve substantial and measurable, positive results for our clients.

Thus, we strategically aim, not only at solving the problems that companies and organizations face today, but also at highlighting and exploiting new opportunities that may lie within the business entities themselves, or the local / international environment in which they operate.

Always guided by the specific needs of our clients and based on our high professionalism, training and experience, over the past 25 years we continue to strife to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our clients, as well as the successful completion of all the projects we undertake.